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With our extensive experience in Navigation (Safety) Risk Assessments, Anatec can support you through the consent or permitting process for your offshore wind farm development.

The development of offshore wind farms is one of the UK's main efforts towards tackling climate change and Anatec are one of the leaders in the field. Anatec have been supporting developers and regulators alike since the advent of offshore wind in the UK and we are now using that experience to support the next generation of offshore wind farm development but also to support evolving markets. To date Anatec has worked on the majority of offshore wind farms in the UK as well as Ireland, United States, other European countries and the Far East.

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As part of the process of developing, permitting or consenting offshore wind farms the developers are required to assess the overall effect of the proposed development on shipping and navigation users that are already present within or in proximity to the development. These may include commercial users, recreational activity, commercial fishing and marine aggregate dredging. This assessment work requires that a Navigational (Safety) Risk Assessment is undertaken in line with relevant national regulator requirements but also typically requires supporting environmental impact assessments and consultation – all of which can be completed by the team at Anatec.

Please contact us if you would like to find out more about how we can support your offshore wind development. 


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